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2016 - Comforting Light of the Day

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:29 pm
by Seema Chowdhury
This is the most awesome moment of my life
Where I am ready to face the future with peace
By taking a direction away from emotional pain
Towards the comforting light of the new day

Where gentle and soothing breeze is blowing
And suddenly I feel something is happening
That is changing me and my circumstances
I cannot explain it but it strengthens my faith

I feel alert, peaceful and spiritually awakened
And feel happy with each passing moment
What I am experiencing is Divine and gracious
And I am digging deep into my soul and heart

It's helping me to connect and bring peace
And being silence is teaching me to let go
And begin my journey by throwing away
The heavy shackles of the desperate past

And all the unwanted weight of the world
That I have been carrying on my weak shoulders
It's time I must find and recapture my strength
And enjoy the awesome moments of my life

Seema Chowdhury
January 5, 2016