2016 - Daily Inspiration June 2016

These are poems created by our community.
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2016 - Daily Inspiration June 2016

Postby Seema Chowdhury » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:28 pm

1) Solidify your connection with the Lord and don't worry for the future. Have a healthy soul; it will help you to shine. Life is a meaningful journey so find miracles and magic in your way.

2) Feel things deeply and throw away the heavy burden of anger and pang. Stop over-analyzing problems and remember that we all have our ups and downs. Leave pain for a new life and see how the power of prayers can change things.

3) Enjoy the soft and fresh air and see the sparkling sun shining. Be happy in life and fill it with hope. Once you stop complaining you will see many possibilities to rewrite your story. Just be patient.

4) There is no time to cry over pain, so be brave and try to move on. Remember we all have ups and downs and it's just a rough patch and we'd all get through it. Fill in the cracks and become a source of joy for yourself.

5) Approach life with positive emotions and turn your agony into joy with the help of prayers. Confront many difficult questions and solve too many pieces of different puzzles. Stick to the ebb and flow of life and come to terms with life's challenges.

6) Look at life's continuum and travel the unknown path. Enjoy every moment of life and be the echo of faith. start off your day with prayers and reflect about the truths of life and its deep meanings. Understand your faith fully and and establish deep relationship with God.

7) Watch a beautiful sunset and feel the evening breeze on your face. Find a moment of peace and see God's hand in everything. Try to accept new challenges that come in your way. And fill your life with laughter and hope to make some special moments and memories.

8) If you are struggling emotionally then don't let negativity get in the way. Communicate with kindness and laughter and fill road ahead with hope. Recall some special moments and slow down to enjoy the beauty around you. And soon you will start seeing miracles unfolding all around.

9) Don't let negative feelings define you. Try to wear a breeze smile and turn your face towards sunshine. Soon you will start understanding your feelings and see your spirit lift. Have faith that a great life stands ahead waiting for you to greet and accept.

10) Be mindful of your surrounding and start your journey of learning. Get your hope on and see the world from different lenses. Don't be so focused on yourself and clear your mind of negative thoughts. map your mind and fill it with hopeful thoughts.

11) Let your faith be stronger than your doubt. Try to make the best of a bad situation and don't give up. Interrupt your dismal thoughts with the wave of optimism and smile. Don't let lingering gloom spoil your day, take a walk on a sunny path of life and be a beacon of hope.

12) Slow down and enjoy life. Look at new beginnings and new goals. Look at challenges with a prepare mind. Joy and grief are joined together so accept them all as part of life.

13) Develop problem solving and creative skills and take out uncertainty from your life. Every plan in life is different, so set the wheels in motion for a new and exciting adventure. God's compassion and mercy can illuminate your surrounding so learn to pray and humbly ask for God's help.

14) Life has several layers of meanings, so try to discover then through the echoes of your soul. The secret of happiness is to hold God's hard when you have a melt down. Accept your failure and learn from them so you can move on. Alleviate fear and anxiety from your life.

15) Begin the journey of your learning and see the world from different lenses. Translate your thoughts into beautiful and inspiring words and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Always search for truth and be kind, warm and compassionate about life.

16) There are a thousand stories in life and many bitter details of agony and sorrow. So smile quietly and speak softly and focus on the details. Fight back tears and create magical moments to reach out and touch hearts with your kindness.

17) Don't let the emotional pain drag you down. walk out of the past and put aside your hurt so you can move along. Come out in the sunshine and dance through your pain.

18) In your lowest moment find a way to reach God and call Him for help. His doors are always open. Build strong relationship with God and i=understand your faith. Always press your gratitude and count your blessings.

19) Show patience and kindness along the way and count the magical moments. Color the road to success and take on a new challenge. Enrich your life and make a difference.

20) Today is your day, so welcome peace and begin your important journey. Don't let negativity get in the way. Fill your road with laughter and hope and wear a breezy smile.

21) Experience joy and have a great life. Find stability and define yourself. We are travelling through time so prepare yourself to face extreme possibilities. Good things are coming just keep believing.

22) Hope for a brighter tomorrow and find the hidden dimension of life. Start looking forward and forgive yourself. Say yes to life and walk carefully on the zigzag road across life.

23) Always smile and have a brighter and positive outlook on life. Attract positive energy and soon you will feel everything around you changing for better. Focus on positive people and circumstances and soon you'll have plenty of opportunity to be grateful for.

24) Focus on yourself and follow your dreams and passion. Unleash your inner strength and see a new dimension of life. pause and reflect on your life and let go of your past failures and disappointments.

25) Set clear boundaries and accept yourself openly. Quiet your mind and be honest with your emotions and feelings. Connect with your soul and let your spirit shine. Just be yourself and define your worth.

26) When you are feeling down, stop for a moment and reflect on life. Evaluate your situations and trust your instinct. Be open and honest and have confidence. Convince yourself that you can do it and soon you will realize your ability to win.

27) Be happy and smile freely. Don't hide behind your tears. Express yourself and your uniqueness to find inner peace. Replace worries with positive thoughts and you will attract positive energy and people.

28) Learn the rules of the game so it will be easy to gain success. Have self awareness and develop your own strategies of living. Observe everything carefully and adjust your lenses. Relax and reflect on your life and accept differences so you can become comfortable in your surrounding.

29) Develop "I can do it" attitude and soon you will see things getting better. Life is difficult and there is a lot of crisis period. So instead of giving up if we learn to adopt a positive attitude we can make a difference and overcome crisis.

30) Learn to 'Forgive and Forget" Life is not fair and we all know it. Be the beacon of hope and open your heart and nurture your soul. Let brilliant sun light touch the soul and soften your heart. Be the flash of light and see life from different lenses.

Seema Chowdhury
June 30, 2016

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