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On a Pedestal

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:37 pm
by Adette

He's put me on a pedestal
Is it me that he can see?
Murmuring his sweet nothings
He's flattered to be with me

Please remove the pedestal
Its not deserved of me
Truly it is very pleasing
But on a pedestal I will not be

I really am quite smitten ~ alas
Flattery does not wash with me
He’s trying very hard
Why can I not see?

My mind goes in a whirl
I’ve been this way before
I’m of a certain age ~ where
I certainly know the score

I’m a Lancashire lass
please don't try to fool me
You think I don’t realise ~ it’s
In my bed you want to be

So play with my head all you like
Sit with me and drink your wine
But if you think there will come a time
Think again ~ my bed is mine