My Hypnotist and Butterfly

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Karin Anderson
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My Hypnotist and Butterfly

Postby Karin Anderson » Sun May 03, 2015 6:38 am

(Please play the video quietly)

(A Haibun Poem)

Margaret, wants to understand what makes me tick. What do I see, feel, smell, touch and hear?
She undresses my subconscious and reveals my anger.

thunder storm
the crash of
the owl collection

With searing face pain, sent to many medical specialists my health problem is a nightmare. An alternative
dentist finally discovers canal root fillings are to blame. I am furious and despise medical specialists.

long rain
my heartstrings
I must pull

Margaret sooths, “Karin this is your time, your special time” and teaches me to sink into an alpha
dreamscape. Her serene voice suggests I take a journey to my favourite place Bushwalker’s Basin.

shades of green
in between each one
grass snakes

Margaret prompts me to look for green and she hooks me between, apple green, fern, lime, moss, olive
and chartreuse green. The power and significance of green tantalizes me as I sink deeper into trance.

weeping willow
the flash
of a blade

Now the specialists are on top of a huge rock and I am told to destroy them with an axe. I climb the rock
and find the strength to use the frighting tool. I huff and puff over and over with a hot crimson face. Suddenly
the specialists vanish and anger is finally released. I sob as Margaret hugs me and weeps too!

butterfly wings
stretch the sky

Karin Anderson © May 2015
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Sandra Martyres
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Re: My Hypnotist and Butterfly

Postby Sandra Martyres » Sun May 03, 2015 9:21 am

Wow Karin, an impressive haibun!

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Re: My Hypnotist and Butterfly

Postby Stella » Sun May 03, 2015 10:28 am

Karin, you excel at these beautiful but very difficult poems..

i hope you do not mind but i am adding a note to my comment to explain the form a little to those who have not read it before, thank you for
introducing us to haibun poetry.. :D


Definition: A haibun is a terse, relatively short prose poem in the haikai style, usually including both lightly humorous and more serious elements. A haibun usually ends with a haiku.

Notes: Most haibun range from well under 100 words to 200 or 300. Some longer haibun may contain a few haiku interspersed between sections of prose. In haibun the connections between the prose and any included haiku may not be immediately obvious, or the haiku may deepen the tone, or take the work in a new direction, recasting the meaning of the foregoing prose, much as a stanza in a linked-verse poem revises the meaning of the previous verse. Japanese haibun apparently developed from brief prefatory notes occasionally written to introduce individual haiku, but soon grew into a distinct genre. The word "haibun" is sometimes applied to longer works, such as the memoirs, diaries, or travel writings of haiku poets, though technically they are parts of the separate and much older genres of journal and travel literature (nikki and kikôbun)

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Re: My Hypnotist and Butterfly

Postby Cindy » Sun May 03, 2015 3:44 pm

Very beautiful and impressive. Love the video.

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Re: My Hypnotist and Butterfly

Postby Nightmute » Tue May 05, 2015 12:05 pm

We work out what is caught up in the vortex of our hearts and souls, Karin, and I would say you most certainly, and beautifully, put on display the steps taken to work out the emotions within, Ma'am. I've not seen this form before, and I appreciate Stella's comment and insight. Green is a most beautiful color, is it not?

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