2016 - The Crisp Morning of 2016

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Seema Chowdhury
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2016 - The Crisp Morning of 2016

Postby Seema Chowdhury » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:27 pm

The crisp and compelling colors
Of real life are peeping through
The fresh leaves decorated with mist
And it's casting a warm glow of light
And opening it's heart and lovely arms
To welcome the new day of the new year
Bit by bit, coming closer and closer
Making its way tenderly and gracefully.....

I'm standing here looking skywards
Saying my prayers of thanks and joy
With smile cascading down my face
Where I can trace the shades of reality
And my heart is racing with emotions
With vivid memory of the bygone year
Moving swiftly out of the way like a wind
Giving way to my inner strength and peace.....

In these silent moments I feel divine direction
Guiding every minute of my life and action
I truly feel and trust my impulses and thoughts
And want to listen to my whispering heartbeats
So again I can climb the stairs of faith and belief
Away from rocky road trapped in the winding path
And start my journey towards the crisp morning today......

Seema Chowdhury
January 1, 2016

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