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Postby Adette » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:24 pm


Oh truth don’t hinder me with yet more lies
Free my heart ~ bring my soul to life

Emotions stirring once more alive
The fear of being hurt
Brings me no gain ~ so why
Do I torture myself
And cause myself pain

I cry out for love so long denied
Yet when it smiles on me
I toss to one side

Why am I so foolish ~ why so afraid
There is nothing to lose ~ yet
Everything to gain

Can I trust you with my heart
Fragmented from the past
Can I trust you?
I should not have to ask

Fluttering sensations
My heart is filled with song
The past has locked its door
A new chapter has begun

I welcome his open arms
His sweet embrace
His touch as it lingers upon my face

His kiss warm and gentle
His smile as if just for me
He is the sunshine ~ that Set me free

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