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Postby Simply Bono » Sat May 16, 2015 1:06 am

She remembers his kindness that Summer
as she stands there in the moonlit door
the night breeze smells thick of fragrance
its invisible airy fingers tease her long hair.

They exchanged many secrets and wishes
laughed together,joked together and smiled
they had watched the moon and stars go out
and put to bed by the warm hands of the sun.

She smiled and sighed with a hungry breath
thoughts took her back to reclaim those times
a part of her heart wished she'd never felt them
but then another piece wants to feel them forever.

Her nitegown flew behind her like an unfurled flag
twinges of memories parade into the depths of her
as sweet stabs of pain dashed and embraced them
his intense closeness cut straight into her heart.

There were times her pride had taken a beating
and heaven knows at times she deserved them
he was the type of man she couldn't help but love
he made her feel as if she had known him forever.

She raised her eyes and smiled at the velvet skies
a peacefulness descended like balm upon her
those memories of him made her soul tremble
towering sweetness of remembered yesterdays.

2015 ©Bonnee Sue Opp
~ Z. R. ~

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