Better Love Next Time

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Better Love Next Time

Postby Simply Bono » Mon May 18, 2015 3:10 am

Better Love Next Time

They exchanged words as if strangers
neither shows whats going on inside
she knew they would never meet again
wishing him well-being and happiness.

Many thoughts race through her mind
had he felt pity for her instead of love
wished he'd been the one to get away
she wouldn't be here dying inside now.

His warm ways enticed from the start
caused her to fall deep in love with him
then he turned traitor to her emotions
he played god with an innocent heart.

Maybe he'd only felt fondness for her
maybe she'd misinterpreted his signals
but no he'd spoken words of endearment
he'd said to her many times I love you.

Looking deep into her tear-stained eyes
he told her someday she'd find that one
that would be truly worthy of her heart
she'd find love she so rightly deserved.

She looked at her image in the mirror
as his words were echoing in her mind
someday she would find her true prince
she would find better love next time.

2013 © Bonnee Sue Opp
~dedicated to Zaher~

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