2016 - Daily Inspiration February 2016

These are poems created by our community.
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2016 - Daily Inspiration February 2016

Postby Seema Chowdhury » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:40 pm

1) Don't hold on to fear and anger throw away the burden of unwanted pain. Free your soul from the shackles of the past and cast off to a new horizon.

2) Don't make sandcastles on the beach for the cruel waves will furiously come and wash them away.

3) Gather your thoughts and don't feel the pain of the emptiness. Have faith in God and embark on your spiritual journey of healing.

4) Move in to your heart and calm your nerves when you see winding gravel road of stressful hours ahead in your life.

5) Create a map that fits your life with enriching experiences and remember this is your time to live with courage, so get up and take control of it.

6) Choose to see life in a new light and believe in the magic of the present. Let the colors lift your spirit and surround you with love.

7) Dream about a life you desire and then express yourself. Take a moment for peace and collect your dreams.

8) Change your thoughts in your inner world when you feel overwhelmed by life. Remember it's all up to us to hold on or let go.

9) Peace will flow out of your moments when you will stop obsessing over things. Feel your life deeply and clear the dust of uncertainty and fear to mend your broken hope.

10) Rest if you must but don't quit. Find a way back to your heart and try to solve the mystery and wonders of different dimensions of your life, then only a pattern will emerge to give you peace.

11) Create life's dynamic balance and discover the reason of your being. Look outside the window and change your outlook on life. Remember life isn't always perfect so just have faith and continue to work towards hope.

12) Don't push very hard, blink away tears and with hope you can unlock a whole new world. Every day is a new episode in our lives and we get to make a difference, so avail this opportunity.

13) We all experience setbacks in life, so in those moments try to find your purpose and follow the sequence of events. Open your heart and give your life. Remember if you stay strong you'll become a champion because time is powerful and it heals all wounds.

14) Always believe in yourself and don't lose hope. There are many things to explore in life so listen to your voice in deeper darkest moments and try to reach at your dreams in the reflection of time.

15) Follow your passion and do something that matters to you. Don't get locked in the past, try to understand life, everything happens for a reason so for better or worse leave everything in God's hands.

16) Always speak the truth because without the truth we all become powerless. Remember actions have consequences so be mindful of your actions and search for possibilities.

17) Be transparent, upfront and passionate. Open the door to enter tomorrow. Walk away from sadness and watch the morning sun rising. Don't lose yourself in the reflection of past in the darkest hour. Explore the world and absorb in the beauty of the raw emotions.

18) Take the first step towards recapturing good memories and pull yourself to the top. Go that extra mile towards bright sun light and enhance your soul and purify your heart so you can enjoy the ride of life.

19) Learn to deal with stress and handle bad situations. Direct your own life and with time things will get better. Just have patience and take an opportunity to reflect. Everyone will get their turning points when life will change forever, so be patient and wait for yours.

20) Unplug your worries and fear and break the boundaries between dreams and reality. Be happy and let difficult things go away. Get out of your comfort zone and start rebuilding the scattered pieces of your life.

21) Silence your mind and heal your soul. Try to understand your situation and fight through the bad days with patience and hope. Don't complicate things just have courage and get on with your life.

22) Be ready to make the change and forget what you have left behind. Learn valuable lessons from life and make happy memories. Take a long walk down your memory lane and live in the moment.

23) As day turns into night and night into day, overcome your fear and focus on possibilities and opportunities. Look for beauty all around you and live gently and gracefully.

24) Build a new life and see from your heart. Behind every emotion there is a story to read carefully. When you come to a crossroad then challenge yourself and deal with what comes next. Create beauty with your words and expect a happy ending.

25) Collect strength for tomorrow and don't face your problems alone. Make beautiful memories along the way and invite peace in your life. Make the most of today and develop understanding for life.

26) Don't let your inner beauty fade, guard it with your life. Enjoy life's view and make it the best version. Perfect imperfections and reflect on your soul. Choose your battle carefully and go out and get some sunshine.

27) Enjoy the vastness of time and remember that one moment can change everything . Find simple and easy ways to survive and get spiritual purification. Be grateful to God and enjoy the sphere of his grace.

28) Have sincere intentions and do good deeds. Seek forgiveness from God Almighty and continue your journey of uniqueness and vibrant colors. Life is a priceless gift so enter the revolving door and tread carefully to reach the garden of eternity.

29) Continue your journey and take an extra ordinary leap of faith. Be sincere and try to unlock the meanings of life. Don't let life drift you apart, put it piece by piece and see how it is all connected. Nurture and cherish every moment and focus on positive to reac a path of success.

Seema Chowdhury
February 29, 2016

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